Ash Victoria Hall
The facilities, services and history of the Ash Victoria Hall

Welcome to the Ash Victoria Hall website, which is still developing. My name is Dave Brown and I am Chairman of the Management Committee.

After a turbulent two years the Hall is looking positively to the future.  The most urgent work highlighted by a surveyor’s


The Hall was originally built because the parish did not have such a Hall and for a long period of its history it was a central element in Ash. Please take time to visit the History section of the website. In more recent times it has tended to be used by regular customers. Virtually every week night all three rooms are in use but there is still scope for usage on Saturdays. We have recently built an extension and there is a small committee room available for hire.

Please take time to look at the various fund-raising events and feel free to make further suggestions.


Dave Brown

Last updated 24 May 2011


report has now been addressed. The external brickwork has now been replaced or re-pointed, the guttering has been replaced and the damp proof course exposed by the lowering of the path to the right of the Hall. This was achieved through donations, grants and fund raising activities.

Other grants have enabled a disabled hoist to be installed in the small back hall and the clockface has been re-gilded. The latter thanks to a grant from the Chester fund. The final piece of the jigsaw was the work needed on the stage. To pay for this the Management Committee has taken out a loan from the Parish Council. So the fund-raising will continue and events will be highlighted elsewhere on this website.